Optima Dance

UW-Madison Student Organization
for Dance and Choreography

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy dance clothes/shoes?




How/Where can I reserve studio space?

-You need to be either a dance major, dance minor, dance certificate, or in a dance class to reserve a studio in Lathrop.

-Studios in Lathrop can be reserved for 2 hours a day per person.

-Dance majors always have priority over Optima rehearsal.


How does the Sunday Optima studio work?

-Typically, on Sunday Optima gets a small studio (studio 510) in Lathrop from 12:00-5:00 pm. One hour long rehearsals will be given to assigned Optima choreographers as discussed at the first choreographer's meeting.


Why am I not getting e-mails from Optima?

-Most likely due to an accidental delete on our part. Email optima.membership@gmail.com to get back on the email list!


How do I know when to audition for pieces?

-Every Sunday night, a giant email with all the Optima information for the week (including auditions and audition times and locations) will be sent out.

-Or, you can look at the Calendar tab


What is a showing?

-Before each show there is a showing and a dress rehearsal.  At the first showing, pieces are shown to the rest of the org and choreographers receive feedback from the Exec board.  At the dress rehearsal, pieces are videotaped and action photos are taken. Every piece is required to perform at the showing and dress rehearsal.


Who do I email if I have a question about Optima?

-Email the appropriate Executive Board member. Their emails can be found on the contact page

-Otherwise just send an email to optima.president@gmail.com


Where can I give feedback about Optima?

-Our comment box can now be found online at https://uwmadison.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5bDZXyjoc4RKVc9. We welcome any suggestions, concerns, questions or feedback.


Is the fall show different from the spring show?

-No, there are no major differences between the fall and spring shows.


How do tickets work?

-This depends on the theater location and how many people are in Optima during that semester.  The Executive Board with inform everyone at the general meetings as to how the process will work.


What constitutes “bad standing” in Optima?

-“Bad standing” is when an Optima member or choreographer does not finish their requirements by the end of the semester. The consequence is that he/she will not be  allowed to dance in the following semester’s show; however, if he/she finishes the requirements the next semester they will be back in “good standing” with Optima.