Optima Dance

UW-Madison Student Organization
for Dance and Choreography

LocationS & Directions

Lathrop Hall: 1050 University Avenue

Lathrop Hall is between the law building to the North, Granger to the South, Chadbourne to the East, and the Birge Gardens to the West. It is on the North side of University Avenue.

             -Studio 349: East end of building, 3rd floor, across hall from Margaret H'Doubler Theatre

             -Studio 549: East end of building, 5th floor, restroom located outside of studio, drinking

               fountain down the long hallway.

             -Studio 249: East end of building, 2nd floor, restroom and water fountain located outside the                studio

             -Studio B101: West end of building, basement floor, restroom and drinking fountains located 

               down the hall. Student lounge is located on this level as well (microwave, fridge, sink, tables,

               and couches).

              -Studio 510: West end of building, 5th floor, drinking fountain around corner

              -Margaret H'Doubler Theatre: East end of building, 3rd floor, restrooms/drinking fountains

                on 2nd floor

 *Note: You cannot get to the 3rd floor from the West elevators. Also, for any studio reservations, fill out a form outside of Al Leggett's office on the 2nd floor (West end, next to the locker rooms and lost and found). Studio reservations are for dance majors, minors, certificates, and elective students only.

Parking at Lathrop

There are a few parking areas close to Lathrop Hall.

-The Grainger lot (#7) is free on Sundays and has both metered and ticketed parking spots available. This lot is located just across the street from Lathrop Hall on Brooks St. underneath the business school.

-Lot #55 is located on University Avenue across the street from Lathrop next to the Chemistry building. It is controlled Monday-Friday from 7:00 am-4:30 pm, but is free otherwise.

-A garage is located across Park St. from Memorial Union underneath College Library (#6). This lot has metered and ticketed parking as well, but the meters have time limits on them and the lot is usually full during the day.

-A garage is located on Lake St. underneath Lucky Apartments. This lot has ticketed parking available and there is usually room. There is also metered street parking available both behind Lathrop Hall on Lathrop Dr. and also on Brooks St., but it is limited.

-If there is someone in your party who cannot go up or down stairs, it is recommended that they be dropped off behind Lathrop Hall on Lathrop Dr.

Student Activity Center, Multipurpose Room:

333 East Campus Mall, 4th floor

The SAC is located between Coffee Bytes and Walgreens on East Campus Mall, East of Vilas Hall and North of Sellery Hall/Gordons. To get to the Multipurpose Room, take the elevator or stairs to the fourth floor. Walk all of the way down the long hall past the conference rooms and the room is at the end of the hall slightly to the left. If you wish to park at the SAC there is an underground parking garage with an entrance on Lake Street between University and Johnson Ave. The SAC Multipurpose room can be entered directly from the underground parking garage by taking the elevator designated for 333 East Campus Mall up to the fourth floor.