Optima Dance

UW-Madison Student Organization
for Dance and Choreography


Member Requirements (per semester)


-Pay dues of $15 (or $25 for the year) and fill out a membership form


-Attend 2 technique/yoga/conditioning/master classes

*Declared Dance Majors only need to attend one class


-Attend 2 (out of 3-4) general member meetings, but attending all meetings is encouraged

     -Meetings can be excused for work and class conflicts if proof is provided

     -Typically on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm

     -Can add additional 1/2 hour of service to make up each meeting missed


-Get 4 Optima service points (see what qualifies as service in "Meetings and Service" tab)


-Must be completed by the end of the each semester


-If all requirements are not completed on time, members will be placed on probation for 1 semester


Choreographer Requirements (per semester)


In addition to member requirements, choreographers must:

-Attend all Choreographer meetings

     -Choreographer meetings will follow the general member meetings

     -If cannot attend, must find a representative from the piece and provide an explanation


-Attend at least 1 large Optima Social


-Plan 1 social (e.g. eat dinner together, watch a movie, etc.) for each piece choreographed. Socials can be combined with other choreographers/pieces


-Get 1 extra Optima service point