Optima Dance

UW-Madison Student Organization
for Dance and Choreography


Each year, we have one show for the fall semester (usually in the beginning of December), and one for the spring (usually at the end of April). 


Dance Rules and Limits


-Each dancer can dance in a maximum of 6 pieces. Seniors are allowed to dance in 6 pieces plus the Senior Dance if they wish to be in that


-Each member can choreograph 2 pieces (can choreograph 3 if one of them is a solo OR  duet) **keep in mind that choreographers have additional requirements**


-Time limits: solos must be less than 1:30, duets/trios less than 2:00, and group pieces less than 2:30


Theater Rules

-No food or drink in the theater

-No putting feet on the chairs in front of you while sitting in the theater

-Keep all costumes, makeup, etc. in the dressing room

-Be quiet while doing run through

-At Lathrop, only dancers with quick changes and the Executive Board are allowed in the green room. All other dancers can change in the dressing rooms

-No talking backstage

-Watch out for stage lights. If you hit one on accident, tell a backstage manager and do not fix it yourself

-Tell backstage manager about anything (e.g. safety pin) left on stage

-Choreographers check in with backstage manager one number before their piece performs